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The Concept

  • Recruiting a high-quality workforce in India servicing global clients where the work is done from home.
  • Most of our workforce is young mothers with professional degrees who integrates work with family responsibilities.
  • Direct professional management by the client and under their own control.
  • All the employer responsibilities and the HR management are carried out by HW relieving the client to focus on the professional aspects.
  • Local representatives in the client`s country for prompt availability and support.

Our Expertise

data collection

Data Collection
Data Collection & data processing

data labelling

Data Labelling
Data labelling for AI Products


Transcription services for all kinds of media

content writing

Content Writing
Creative, Rewrite and Editing


Evolving and recruiting qualitative workforce for any field that allows long distance work management

Being Our Client

  • A rapid and qualitative recruiting out of the huge manpower reservoir India has to offer.
  • Enables companies to scale up the manpower/business with minimum obligations, minimum energy investment and minimum risk.
  • Significant reduction in manpower costs.
  • Working with a loyal, diligent and intelligent segment of the population (young mothers).
  • An orderly, proper and clear personnel management in India – peace of mind to our clients.
  • Local representative availability 24/7.
team 2
top clients
top clients


“Our unique niche demands that the writer immerse themselves deep into the topic and write from an authoritative yet familiar point of view. Homework PMC was a test, to be honest, but we loved their work and are seriously looking into a long-term relationship for our content needs.”

Gal Sunshine
CEO and owner at Co-owner at Maariv Touch

“Signals Analytics has been working with HomeWork since 2016 benefiting from their talented teams of data analysts.HW analysts are hardworking ladies that have the flexibility and capability of learning and adapting to our needs and work methods.All though the work is being done remotely HW analysts have become an integral part of our day to day work with the in-house teams.”

Inbal Shalev
Senior Data Manager at Signals Analytics

“We love how Homework PMC has understood our workflows and adapts to both one-off and long-term projects in a timely manner.The articles are very well researched and professionally written.We’ve had very few revisions, and those were because we wanted more specific examples to be cited.Great job with managing article delivery and keeping us in the loop on progress.”

Ofer Shukrun
CEO and Co-owner at Boost Media

The Process

step 1

Initial screening based on the client`s professional requirements and HW basic requirements (working motivation, intelligence, communication skills and a high English level).

step 2

A series of tests as per the clients’ requirements

step 3

A client interview to ensure a sufficient communication level.

step 4

Evaluation and selections by the client.

step 5

Job confirmation & start of work by Client selected HW candidates.

step 6

Professional seminars in India according to the client`s needs.

Get in Touch

We at HomeWork have established an infrastructure that enables many intelligent and diligent women to actualize their capabilities and bring home a second income without taking a toll on their families.

Working from home is not an easy task. It takes self-discipline and a high level of professionalism. HomeWork employs and has teams of women in India able to meet the challenge.

If you think you have it in you, join us!

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