Remote Team Management and Recruitment

You have a quick breakfast and leave home for the office, only to be engulfed by the all-encompassing sea of vehicles waiting for you at traffic signals. Or, if you have an infant who requires your constant attention or are shouldering the responsibility of looking after an ailing parent but miss those days of yore when you were a high flying executive or manager, you can consider working remotely. Working from home may be what you are looking for to find the work-life balance we are all struggling to achieve. Let us delve deeper into the world of remote work to help you decide whether it is a decision worth making.

Nowadays, you often come across terms like “virtual office” or SOHO (small office, home office) in your friendly banter with friends or in trending articles featured in glossies. Remote work enables professionals to work outside the confines of a traditional office. You do not have to be strapped on to a designated desk, but can still execute projects and meet deadlines without the hassles of commuting daily to an office. It gives you the flexibility to plan your days without compromising on your family time; and, most importantly, it leaves you with more “me time.”

HomeWorkltd believes in keeping up with the times and realizes the advantages of working remotely from an employee’s perspective as well as on the basis of potential benefits to an employer.

Advantages (to the Employee) of Working from Home

Remote workers enjoy considerable advantages over their office-bound counterparts, such as:

Higher Productivity: There are fewer distractions from coworkers to deal with; this has an impact on daily productivity.

Saves Time & Money: The expenses on commuting daily along with the money spent on coffee or buying lunch can be saved or spent on more useful things.

Flexibility: Enjoy a more flexible lifestyle and redefine or rebalance your work-life equilibrium.

Less Stress & Better Health: Not having to negotiate traffic snarls or being able to take a break whenever YOU want leads to lower stress levels and translates into improved health and wellness.

This makes us ponder whether working from home is suitable for everyone. When hiring remote workers, one must consider whether a person can work well independently, sets a high bar for personal responsibility, communicates well (particularly with the written word in the form of email, instant messaging and collaborative documents), and considers meeting deadlines as sacrosanct – because a remote workplace is quintessentially a results-based workplace.

Advantages of Employing People who Work from Home

Let us look at the flip side of the coin and see the benefits of remote recruitment if you are an employer. You can look at the attributes of remote team management to help you make the all-decisive choice of shifting from a traditional office to a remotely capable workforce.

People working from home usually exhibit higher productivity as the time spent on commuting to an office can be optimally utilized to get more work done in a day, as well as reduce absenteeism, tardiness and associated costs. The flexible approach allows employees to choose how and when they like to work. This translates into higher employee retention, lower turnover rates, and savings in terms of hiring and training new staff.

Remote team recruitment opens the doors to a wider and more diverse pool of applicants by removing geographical boundaries. You have access to highly skilled workers outside of regular commuting distance, especially in locations or professions with skills shortages. Today’s millennial workforce can communicate effectively and cheaply from anywhere in the world, and workplace flexibility is one of the key driving factors they consider when looking for a new opportunity. With remote workers spread out all over the country or the globe, a business can operate in more time zones; this results in more working hours in the day, leading to greater potential for increasing revenues.

Remote recruitment is cost-effective as you can save a substantial amount of your investment that normally goes towards overheads like rent and office furniture.

HomeWorkltd lets you capitalize on the benefits of remote recruitment. Our team of professionals scouts and hires the best in the business so that YOU get value for YOUR investment.

The Importance of the Recruitment Process

At HomeWorkltd, we realize our responsibility to both the employer and employee. Based on carefully assessed parameters, our multi-step recruitment process has been designed to successfully identify or sort potential candidates and hire efficient remote workers. We understand that finding the right people is a fundamental aspect of remote recruitment. We believe in keeping pace with the changing work environment. Hence, the process of remote team recruitment at HomeWorkltd is continuously evolving.

The initial screening process involves sifting meticulously through hundreds of CVs and work samples followed by a written test. Based on the results of the written test, candidates are interviewed.  During the screening, HomeWorkltd focuses on a candidate’s compatibility, skill sets, core values, and career history or work experience. The test enables us to get a feel for a candidate’s written communication skills, especially his/her ability to relate to a given topic, express, coordinate, and collaborate through text. We look for workers who are autonomous, goal-oriented, and have a strong sense of accountability.

Backed with years of experience, our team of professional recruiters at HomeWorkltd is constantly looking to hire the best talent out there. The mantra for remote recruitment at HomeWorkltd is to ensure that we have the best people on board, not just the best-looking resume although that, too, gives us valuable insight into how serious they are.

Tools for Managing Teams and Individuals Remotely

Working remotely has emerged as a full-time career option in today’s modern workplace. Although advances in technology have enabled businesses to keep pace with the changing needs of employees, remote team management requires a great deal of coordination, communication, and collaboration to ensure timely completion and delivery of projects. HomeWorkltd realizes the use of effective tools for remote team management to ensure seamless coordination and communication as well as keep tabs on the progress of a remote employee who may be located in a different part of the globe. Let us look at some of these tools.

Skype: A versatile video communication tool to call and share screens, and sync chat amongst users. It can be used on all your devices simultaneously.

Redmine: An effective open-source cloud-based project management tool with features like calendars, scheduling, version and document management, time tracking functionality, feeds and email notifications, and more. It enables users to manage multiple projects within the system.

Slack: This cloud-based software is considered to be one of the best team collaboration tools and used widely for remote team management. Users can opt for group chat or a private conversation via instant messaging, share and download documents and multimedia or pdf files that are too large to send by email by merely dragging and dropping files, and much more.

ProofHub: This all-in-one centralized project management software for remote team management has key features like online proofing, time tracking, reports, and chats and discussions with fellow teammates and clients. It is a vital tool for projects that require a high degree of management proficiency.

No more missing out on parent-teacher meetings, a doctor’s appointment, or pursuing a course to move up the career ladder. You can visit the gym in the middle of the day, take a walk, run errands or take a refreshing power nap. Working remotely ensures that you have time for all the important things that matter and define your life, yet following your passion for work and making a difference. If you are an employer, find the right set of people to work on your projects but without the hassle of searching for, interviewing, and shortlisting them for your own in-house evaluation.

Let HomeWorkltd be your trusted partner in redefining the “modern workplace”.