Affordable Content Writing

The Real Price of Quality Content: How Managed Content Can Save You Money and Time

If you think being on a tight budget restricts your access to quality content writing, think again. HomeWorkLtd and its dedicated team of Content Creators can be the answer to your search for affordable content writing, with the spotlight swung firmly on quality and, most importantly, your budget.

As you attend that all-important business meeting, there is a niggling worry in your head about sourcing the right content for your website or other write-ups to help you stand out and carve a niche in your domain. Asking your friends and/or business associates leaves you flummoxed and clueless in your endeavour for quality content at affordable rates. You then turn to search lists available on the Internet but things still don’t fall into place. Here’s where HomeWorkLtd can step in as the one-stop solution to give structure and dimension to your thoughts.

Architects of the Queen’s English are spread worldwide, so why should you limit your search to English writers based in the UK or the USA and pay a hefty premium? HomeWorkLtd screens writers from all over the world and brings to you powerful wordsmiths who can deliver affordable content writing within your deadline.

Reinventing the Art of Quality Content Writing

This brings us to the fundamental question of what defines good writing or what makes a person a good writer? How does one distinguish between good writing and quality writing? Is it just about penning your thoughts or keying some words on your computer? One may define quality content writing as idea-seeds springing forth to life in the form of words. HomeWorkLtd will work closely with you to identify your target audience and really speak to them using engaging rhetoric and powerful verbal imagery.

We reinvent the art of writing as we juggle words, select, delete, and choose again to achieve optimal clarity, brevity, and coherence.

Every reader invariably and subconsciously looks for a handful of attributes that make for quality content, such as whether the piece of writing addresses the question(s) it set out to answer, how it flows, whether the writer used the right words to convey the right message and, last but not least, whether the writer (and her work) has succeeded in forging relationships with her readers – one bond at a time.

The team at HomeWorkLtd focuses on the following attributes to produce quality content writing:

•Clarity & Focus: The core idea must be clear and concise; the reader should not have to reread passages to understand what’s happening.

•Organization: A well-written piece should be logically as well as aesthetically pleasing.

•Ideas & Themes: A reader should be able to identify ideas and themes.

•Voice: The writer’s voice should be consistent and identifiable. Every person has their own unique way of stringing words together, formulating ideas and relating scenes, or resorting to imagery. That distinctiveness must shine through in every article she writes.

•Language (choice of words): An experienced writer will select words that are precise and accurate, leading to well-crafted sentences.

•Grammar & Style: A superb writer will not only follow the rules of language but also lend it a style that allows the voice to come through loud and clear.

•Credibility/Believability: In a digital world fraught with fake news and unedited user-generated content, credibility is the cornerstone of great content. Do the facts check out? Is it accurate and objective?

•Thought-provoking or Emotionally Inspiring: A written piece should let one don the thinking cap and come away with a fresh perspective and new ideas. The ability to tug at the reader’s heartstrings ultimately determines a person’s success as a writer.

Good Writers vs Quality Writers

HomeWorkLtd selects its writers with care. In our endeavor to deliver affordable content to you, we pick our content writers after screening hundreds of applications, filtering out the best of the best through multiple stages of rigorous testing against very high standards.

We understand that when you reach out to HomeWorkLtd in your quest for affordable content, you invest time as well as your hard-earned money. That’s why we follow a such a stringent screening process – so that you have OUR best writers working on YOUR project. We realize that the screening process works as a bridge connecting us to a talented workforce, and we guard that bridge with our lives, not to mention our reputation!

As a result, our team’s content has the kind of ‘soul’ that your target audience can relate to on a personal level.

Managed Content

The thought of getting a freelancer to deliver content might cross your mind because it’s obviously the cheapest option, correct? WRONG! You spend so much time and effort getting it right that your own work tends to fall behind. Ultimately, you lose more money than you save because it affects your productivity, not to mention your sanity!

HomeWorkLtd eases the burden of hunting for and liaising with a freelancer, chasing them up for regular updates, and getting revisions done within the stipulated deadline. A freelancer is a one-person team but HomeWorkLtd has multiple resources to make the process more streamlined. Our team of professionals specialize in various content niches; and, in terms of quality assurance and achieving optimal results, we have it down to an art.

Before we start working on a project, a lot of in-depth analysis and planning goes into it so that we can deliver quality content to fulfil the client’s brief. HomeWorkLtd’s well-organized structure enables us to choose and assign a project to the right person from our pool of talented writers.

We realize that missed deadlines result in cost escalation and messy schedules, which is why we have a well-oiled infrastructure that enables us to execute projects within agreed timelines. Reports are sent periodically to our clients to apprise them about deliverables as well as the tasks completed. Additionally, HomeWorkLtd has well-defined internal systems for periodic reviews to gain insight into what may add more value to a project. We believe in keeping our clients in the loop on all projects and tasks so that they rest easy and focus on their own tasks.

That said, we won’t inundate you with irrelevant and elaborate reports – you only get what you want in terms of progress updates and ETAs. Your account manager will handle the more minute details and give you a comprehensive overview or a brief snapshot based on your preferences.

As your business grows, your marketing needs and requirements need tweaking or renewed analysis as well as re-planning in terms of quality content. We’ll brainstorm with you and guide you forward so your focus can remain on your own tasks while we do all the heavy lifting.

HomeWorkLtd offers you the flexibility to customize our services to suit your changing needs, timelines, or deliverables.

If you are between keeping your costs down and your quality up, HomeWorkLtd can fill the void and manage content on your behalf. This is a cost-effective approach that doesn’t compromise on quality.

More importantly, we realize that managed content does not stop at producing content: it involves numerous skills, processes, and standards. HomeWorkLtd understands that quality content writing involves numerous tasks and sub-tasks, such as targeting the correct audience, staying within Google’s content guidelines, optimizing the content for search engine ranking, and much more. If you want to concentrate on your business, let HomeWorkLtd deal with your worries around sourcing and delivering affordable content writing.

Whether you want to grab more eyeballs or generate higher revenues, HomeWorkLtd offers superior value for your investment. You can save time by discussing and assigning all your needs in one place; an entire team of content writers, copy editors, and proof readers with varied and niche-specific skill sets and experience is just a click of a mouse away.